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Shop African-Inspired Fashion produced by African Artisans. The 20 | 20 Collection was inspired and produced in Sierra Leone, West Africa. When you shop the 20 | 20 Collection, you shop authenticity and help to reduce fragility in local communities.

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Contribute to the crowdfunding iniative with the intention to create sustainable opportunities for African Artisans in Sierra Leone and beyond.
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Amyang Fashun™, A Lifestyle Brand

Amyang Fashun™ is a Lifestyle Brand that creates and offers authentic fashion and provides styling services inspired by a fusion of traditional West African culture and timeless cosmopolitan vigor for the Global Citizen. To ensure that the fashion culture of Africa benefits the African, the brand practices social responsibility by sourcing fabrics from The Continent of Africa and commissioning African Artisans to produce every collection. Co-Founded by Diasporans of Sierra Leone in 2013, sisters Gayima and Sallay Kanu elevated their commitment to authenticity by producing their latest collection, The 20|20 Collection, with African Artisans in Freetown, Sierra Leone.