Unlocking the Beauty & Complexity of Today’s Africa through Travel

In this episode, The Ladies of Passport2Zuri recount their travels to Egypt & Uganda with Chosan, British-Sierra Leonean Artist while lounging around the beachside in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  They discuss moments in the airports, visiting the Pyramids of Giza, security measures that differ from what they are used to in the United States of America, and it’s declared that the “egg wins”.  Find out why on this episode.


Passport2Zuri is a space where you can listen to real stories and reflective thoughts of two women who wanted to explore cities in Africa on their own terms.  Motivated by a yearning to reconnect to their family on The Continent and steer clear of the daily negative rhetoric in today’s USA, these ladies gave up their apartment in Brooklyn late October of 2017 and embarked on a travel binge to parts of Africa.


Interested in traveling with the Passport2Zuri Ladies?  Visit their website at passport2zuri.com and find out how to join the next trip or attend a meet-up to learn more about traveling through Africa…on a budget.

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