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After visiting 8 countries on The Continent of Africa, I'm inspired to have serious dialogue with people on the same vibe about the future and what role we must play, especially when it comes to reconnecting to Africa. The best way I know how to share my journey of Africa and beyond is storytelling. I've met some amazing people along my journey who also have their own amazing African journey to share. You’re listening to “I Am...Gayima”, voices of the African Diasporans... in Africa.  Expect I Am...Gayima. A Podcast to provide insight, provoke perspectives, and motivate dialogue and connection between Africans on The Continent and the African Diaspora.  

African Family Dynamics

Doing Business in Africa vs. The World

The Complex Culture & Traditions


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Recorded in Freetown, Sierra Leone & Cities throughout the United States of America.

Produced in Chicago, Illinois and New York, New York.

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A Sierra Leonean Diasporic Tale ft. Sunny Sunday

In this episode, Gayima continues her conversation with Mr. Sunny Sunday.  The episode is closed with a reflection on the recent news regarding reporting around the recent xenophobic incidents in South Africa and what Gayima believes it means for Africans and Africans in the Disaspora. 

Episode 19: @Nigerian Wax: Weekend Wave Radio Interviews Amyang Fashun

The tables turn in this episode… and things get really deep.  Listen to @iamgayima and her business partner/sister @kayslaay as […]