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After decades away from The Continent of Africa, Entrepreneur and African Culture Advocate Gayima Kanu returns with a bang.  Co-Founder of Lifestyle Brand, Amyang Fashun, Marketing Consultant Hub, I AM...GAYIMA, and travel brand Passport2Zuri, Gayima and her best friend, Koku Gonza, visited seven countries on The Continent. Joined by her family, including her sister and business partner Sallay share experiences that inspire their SS'19 collection, 20|20 and more. Inspired by her travels and personal revelations, Gayima decided to create a safe space to unpack the beauty and complexity of the Continent from the unique perspective of African Diasporans through dialogue, roundtables, intimate conversations and storytelling.  The topics include but are not limited to:

  • African Family Dynamics
  • Doing Business in Africa vs. The World
  • The Complex Culture & Traditions
  • Spirituality 

Expect I Am...Gayima. A Podcast to provide insight, provoke perspectives, and motivate dialogue and connection between Africans on The Continent and the African Diaspora.  

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Recorded in Freetown, Sierra Leone & Cities throughout the United States of America.

Produced in Chicago, Illinois and New York, New York.

Contact: [email protected]


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