In this episode, the Universe conspired to bring Gayima and Maada together (CONSPIRACY INCIDENT discussed in the intro) to spend much-needed, overdue quality family time. Over lunch, the two react to celebrity interviews hosted by The Breakfast Club ft. Rick Ross and The Joe Budden Podcast ft. Nicki Minaj. This impromptu conversation is what happens when cousins break bread and discuss the culture and strong opinions around it all.

In this episode we:

  • Exchange perspectives about how Hip Hop has evolved
  • Define their standards when consuming music (in general)
  • Share their top 5 favorite Hip-Hop Rappers (and not-so-favorite Icons)
  • Uncover just how emotinal Gayima’s perspective is about Hip-Hop

“Boku Tok” means A Lot of Talking in Krio, the main language used in Sierra Leone West Africa.


Thank you Maada for being one of my favorite people in life! You can follow Maada Thomas (The Genius) at @maada on Instagram.

In this episode, you heard A LOT of music.  I don’t own the rights to any of it (except for Vibes produced by Vicky Casis); I just think those songs matter for this episode.

Produced by SongModel Management in Brooklyn, New York.

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