Question: When you finally decided to take the leap of faith and launch your brand, were you faced with more doubters or more supporters in your immediate circle of friends and family?

Gayima invites a few dope women from her entrepreneurial circle she calls #ladybossess to share their thoughts and experiences in response to the question.  

“I invited one woman who is based on The Continent, First-Generation Ghanian-American, one woman who based in the US that is Second-Generation Sierra Leonean-American, and one woman that is based in the US that is African-American.  I think listeners will connect with these ladies through their shared experiences of launching their brands, especially as women with African ancestry.  – Gayima


A special thanks to listener @her_faith for prompting “I Am…Gayima. A Podcast.” to assemble great women to talk about ‘the leap of faith’.  Follow @her_faith on Instagram for inspiration and more.



-Aretha Amma Sarfo-Kantanka, Global Branding | Public Relations- Owner of Global Fusion Productions, Inc. Connect with @globalfusionist on Instagram or Aretha Amma Sarfo on LinkedIn

-Adama Hamadi, Life Coach – Owner of Dream. Leap. Live.  Connect with @dreamleaplive on Instagram or book your consultation with her at

-Dr. Nikki Brooks, Healthy Social Media Advocate and Speaker- Owner of Zen in A Jar Body Care Brand.  Connect with @zeninajar and order Zen In A Jar.

-Gayima Kanu, African Culture Advocate, Business Strategist and Lifestyle Brand Co-Owner.   Connect with @iamgayima on Instagram and shop @amyang_fashun.

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