Our community begins with our Grandparents and Parents.  Without their strong influence, we would not have the strong will to create the brand, Amyang Fashun.


Every media platform, photographer, and videographer matters. We appreciate you seeing us, and showing the world what we are about.  A special thank you to our staff who listen to us, feel the vibe of Amyang, and capture the brand in a special way.


With clients like you, we will always be around, sharing our creative energy with you.  Thank you for allowing Amyang Fashun to enter your closet, grace your profile pics, and be apart of your special occasions.  From Instagram Likes to Pop-Up shops, we appreciate the follows, the shares, the encouraging comments, the repeat purchases and the excitement about what’s new.


Without collaborators, how would we grow?  From dedicated models and stylists to technology gurus, event curators and more, we look forward to working with our current partners and those that we have yet to meet.  Let’s create something magical.

They say that it takes a village to raise a child.  We say it takes a community to build a brand.


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