The Collective

Inspired by the Continent: Created for the Global Citizen

Amyang Fashun, pronounced I’m Young, is an African Inspired Lifestyle Brand that is for the Global citizen.  Amyang Fashun designers work to create timeless style influenced by African culture and embraced by the global citizen.  The design house specializes in the fusion of textiles to deliver classic styles with a unique West African flair.  From Denim and Tulle to Lace and Activewear Fabrics, the offerings embody the definition of Amyang Style and Living.  Each collection offers options for both Men & Women and results in a conversation that evokes a deeper understanding around the culture of Africa.



A note about her passion as the Creative Director of Amyang Fashun.

Sallay exudes an entrepreneurial spirit, working as a Celebrity Stylist and Model in the industry. While pursuing her undergraduate degree in Sociolology, she decided that she wanted to combine her passion for connecting with people with fashion. She discovered that her hobby of creating and reconstructing garments and fabrics that she was a stylist with an artistic vision that captured the attention of many. After working in boutiques and fashion houses in New York City after school, she began to build her styling clientele base. Alongside her sister, Gayima, their creative fusion of energy launched the brand and are currently based in Brooklyn, New York.



Driven by her passion for West African culture and fashion, along with her flair for Program Management, Co-Founder Gayima walked away from a comfortable life in Corporate America to build the brand, Amyang Fashun. Couture designing that incorporated African Fabrics was a normal 'thing' in her life, rarely satisfied with styles available at the local malls in the Midwest.

One evening, after returning from her personal tailor with her latest project, a couture asymmetrical bodice dress, Gayima noticed Sallay working on a reconstruction project, denim shorts, Ankara fabric scraps, and a spray bottle of bleach. A few weeks later, the two launched Amyang Fashun in 2013. The rest is history in the making