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Our goal is to help create your couture design for your special occasion, whether it’s your wedding, a storefront’s grand opening, NYFW, or a simple day that requires you to look fabulous. We are a team of designers with a commitment to authenticity and our West African influences.  We work with African Tailors globally and require that they have over 20 years of tailoring experience in couture production. We are committed to producing the look you want that fits you in the way you desire and will last for years to come. In order to ensure that we meet your expectations, we assign a stylist to your order to ensure that your order is completed accurately by the date requested. We appreciate your completion of the questionnaire, e-signature, and approval of your design(s), and effective communication with our styling team as we work to create for you.

The Process

Phase I: Sourcing Textiles
We source fabric swatches of all materials that you may want us to use to create based on the content of the questionnaire. We meet with you or send the swatches to you for your feedback and approval. In this session, we also collect your measurements and take notes in order to sketch your design. We ensure that your design considers the pattern of the selected fabric.

The Couture service is offered at a project rate starting at $350.  Your final approved design may create additional costs or reduce initial costs due to fabric selections, style cut or additional details requests for the design.   We offer payment arrangements that must align with your production phases and we can accept payments in a variety of ways for your convenience.

Phase II: The Design 
After securing the deposit, we sketch (by hand) a design based on your request. We scan and provide an electronic version for your review. The review process includes your input and during this phase, we ask that all requested changes be submitted via email. We are available to speak with you via phone /video chat.  We offer rounds of change submissions that align with your budget. Once all changes have been discussed and/or updated and the final sketch is ready for approval, we attach the final sketch to the Statement of Work for your electronic signature. Once your e-signature is received, production begins.

Your assigned stylist will send an electronic receipt to the email address on file for every payment received.

The Amyang Fashun™  Couture service model does not support refunds, however, we are happy re-work unsatisfactory work and required alterations to satisfy your expectations based on the approved sketch that was approved and e-signed by you.

Phase III: Production
Production is typically a 14-day period. Each item created is taken through a quality check by comparing the couture item to the sketch, and measurements before your fitting is scheduled. Once the item(s) pass the quality check, we schedule an in-person fitting or ship the item for you to try on. If we ship the item, we schedule a video chat session to be virtually present for the fitting. If the item must be shipped back for alterations, we take care of the shipping cost. 

Phase IV:  Your Completed Couture Design
Your voice matters. We are interested in every client’s feedback. We strive to do our best and are constantly growing through learning. We ask that you complete our Client’s Voice Survey regarding your couture experience.