In this episode, Gayima continues her conversation with Mr. Sunny Sunday.  The episode is closed with a reflection on the recent news regarding reporting around the recent xenophobic incidents in South Africa and what Gayima believes it means for Africans and Africans in the Diaspora. 

Topics of Discussion:

  • Language: Why Krio is NOT Creole (or Pidgin)
  • History: Being ‘Black’ is a result of your history being redacted
  • Travel: When an African-American Connects to the Motherland
  • Food: Favorites for around the Continent
  • The Reality of the Reconnection: What do we do next?

Songs Featured in this Episode (in Order of Appearance)

Gullah Gullah Island Show Theme Song

“Mind Ya BayNay” | Shine P

” Ar Travel” | Kracktwist & Samza ft. Slimcase

“Drogba (Joanna)” | Afro B ft. Davido

“Can’t Let You Go” | Sarkodie ft. King Promise

” Yene Habesha የኔ አበሻ” | Abby Lakew 

“Wakati” |Dicko Fils 

“Shukubly” | Drizilik ft. DJ Rampage

“Kpei” | Bobby

“Themne Song” | A Sierra Leonean Uncle

“Koko” | Dr. Oloh






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