In this episode, Gayima has the myth, the man, the legend, @sunnysundayspage on the show!  A dope creative based out of the DMV with deep ties to Philly, Sunny blessed us with his presence while visiting The City for a weekend gateway and has A LOT to share.  In Part 1, he shares how the energy of New York City was his wingman with a special lady.  Ayeeee!!!  Between the laughter and sh!t-talkin’, the two discuss some of today’s challenges with relationships and their appreciation for HONEST PEOPLE!


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Did you hear a song on this episode that you love?  Shazam it like the rest of us, or phone a friend.  We don’t own the rights to any of them, but I thought you should hear ’em.

Song of the Week: “A Penny for Your Thoughts” by Tavares


A special thank you to Vicky Casis for producing VIBES for I Am Gayima. A Podcast.


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